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Clients have often remarked that collaborating with me is vastly different than working with many other graphic designers because I’m not a “yes-person”. I believe in providing my clients with honest, realistic advice about their projects, based on over a decade of professional experience. This experience has allowed me to anticipate needs, challenges, and opportunities my clients will face with publishing work.

When I receive a project from a client, I ask a lot of questions. The more I understand about the client’s business or organization, the more I can tailor my designs to meet their objectives. Once I fully grasp the desired outcome, I can ensure that all the graphical elements are consistent with their branding guidelines and overall communications objectives. This also allows me to create deliverables that are both useful and easy to use.

For example, I had just finished designing and laying out a 50+ page report for a client that would be both printed and posted online. The client asked if I could also extract the executive summary from the document as a separate file that could be posted online. I did this but also provided an alternative document which would work as a stand-alone piece (removed page number and added the client’s log and a document title to make it clear what was being summarized). I sent both the requested material and my alternative so the client could choose which would best suit her needs.

I’ve worked with marketing coordinators, communications directors, and independent business owners who rely on me as a creative consultant to help them determine how visual communication can support their business objectives. Questions I have answered include, “What do I need to know when I hire someone to design a logo for me?” or “If I’m starting a company, what design items should I prioritize?” I follow a design process that is efficient, accurate and effective. If I’m not the right designer for their needs, I recommend another one because I want their project to be a success.

I want everyone to have a positive experience with graphic designers which is why I hold myself to the highest standard. Putting my clients first has resulted in more than a decade of loyal customers and referrals.

Call me before things get ugly!

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